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Ben Kwok

Ben is part of a church plant team establishing the Rouse Hill Church. He holds a Master of Divinity degree. Ben and his wife Diahanna live in Sydney, Australia with their four young children.


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    Robert Apps

    Ben, good post,

    at the end of the day the family is critical,as like you I have seen godly kids come out of state,home or christian schools when the family was functioning properly.

    my concern with many state schools is the lack of order and discipline so that effective learning does not take place. at least Daniel’s classes in Babylon had some steely discipline going on:)

    parents will be limited by where they live and not every family can be good home schoolers, that also takes planning and personal discipline.

    so these are my scattered thoughts. perhaps you could do a series on each educational option and do the pros and cons?

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    You weren’t a perfect student?

    Seriously though, thanks for tackling this subject. There’s a lot of nonsense diatribe out there for exclusively one view, but like all things, school decisions require prayer-saturated wisdom and biblical input for a Spirit-filled choice. I agree with Rob–go for the series!

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    Ben Kwok

    thanks guys — this topic deserves multiple dissertations, and I’m not sure if I can provide much more than anecdotal thoughts! But I’ll write a follow-up…


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