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Jeremy Kwok

Jeremy grew up in Sydney before moving to the United States for tertiary studies. Jeremy completed the BA, MA (History), and M.Div degrees before returning to Australia with his wife Debbie. He currently works for Christian Education Ministries, a company that owns and operates private schools.


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    I love “Shadows of the Almighty”. Thanks for sharing this post – it was really good! Very thought-provoking and a little convicting… =)

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    Great post. Jim Elliot has inspired thousands. Did you know a new book of Jim’s spoken messages has been released. Is called “Jim Elliot: A Christian Martyr” and is edited by award-winning author Robert Lloyd Russell. I haven’t read it yet but since it is Jim’s own words it might be pretty good.
    Thanks for you post.

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    Jason Harris

    Lawrence, I looked around for that. Do you have a link?


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