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Apo Malo

Apo is an active part of the ministries of his church where his heart for people is clearly evident. Apo has a degree in theology and is also an accomplished musician maintaining a part time teaching studio. Apo works as a carer for Anglicare and lives in Sydney, Australia.


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    joy mccarnan

    Thanks for the recommendation/reminder, Apo. I was lent this album while teaching overseas and found parts of it, as you have, very encouraging. This song was my favorite, and now I want to go back and listen to it again.

    Just stumbled over InFocus through a series of related links; hadn’t been here before, I don’t think. I was acquainted with the Mocks, and I know Katie Apps. In looking at the other blog authors’ blurbs on the team page, I noticed the Anglicare link and went to check it out. Very, very interesting ministry! I hope you’re enjoying what you do, and that God is doing a lot to magnify His name through Anglicare.

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    Apo Malo

    You’re welcome, Joy. I found the album a real blessing too.

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    wwjd ummm none of the nasty things u do go read the bible properly


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