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Lina Wardan

Lina grew up in Lebanon but studied at Bible college in Sydney. Lina, and her husband Tony, then served as missionaries in Lebanon for seven years before moving back to Sydney, Australia. Lina oversees the Sunday School ministries at Fellowship Baptist Church. Lina has four children.


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    Hey, welcome to your blogging experience. Your post was great – made me laugh and made me think. =D
    I look forward to reading more from you in future. God bless! =D

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    Lina Wardan

    Thank you RoSez.

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    Jason Harris

    Good post!

    I have also encountered unsaved people who use the versions issue to cast doubt on the accuracy of Scripture. I’m glad there’s a simple explanation that settles the matter for them and turns their attention back to the content of God’s Word.

    What’s Hayat TV? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it.

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    Lina Wardan

    Hayat TV is a controversial satellite Arabic channel dedicated to preaching the gospel to Muslims.

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    Robert Apps

    Thanks Mrs W (or Lina).

    I would be interested to hear more of Hayat in another post.

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    Albert Garlando

    I hope, my dear friend, that this is just first of many.
    I particularly look forward to your insights on ministering the gospel to Muslims.
    Perhaps we will also one day see a certain other member of the Wardan family contribute some writing???


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