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Joy Harris

Joy studied elementary education before going on to teach at the primary school level as well as homeschooling for twenty-six years. Joy has touched the lives of thousands through her ministry in state Religious Education, Sunday Schools, and Holiday Bible Clubs as well as through her speaking at various seminars and retreats. Joy is also a gifted musician and has collaborated on multiple recording projects as well as maintaining a private teaching studio for over thirty years. Joy currently does missions support spreading her time between Uganda, Vanuatu, and her home in Australia. Joy has seven children and twenty grandchildren. You can contact Joy at


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    Thanks Joy, I love the info

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    I object to the use of the male pronoun in this article. Women can be abusive too.

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      Joy Harris

      Thank you for posting your concern and I totally agree with you that women can be very abusive, especially verbally.

      I addressed this issue in post 2, “Defining Domestic Violence”, and meant it to cover the whole series.

      Reasons I use ‘he’:
      1 – one woman every week dies at the hand of her violent husband/partner, according to
      2 – 95% of victims are women, according to the USA National Domestic Violence Hotline
      3 – “1 in 2 female murder victims are killed by their male partners, often during an ongoing abusive relationship” -
      3 – men have superior strength
      4 – men are more often in a position of authority
      5 – it’s easier to use one pronoun/noun instead of 2

      No offense meant.

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    Interestingly (to me anyway) and speaking to the prevalence of these situations, in most (presumably all) of the women’s toilets on my University campus here in Australia, there is just one advertisement plastered to the inside of each cubical door: That of a hotline and counselling service for women in domestic violence situations.


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