F. W. Boreham

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I was first introduced to the writings of F. W. Boreham by my brother-in-law, Jeremy Pinero. At the time I read only a few excerpts from his books. Several years later, Jeremy and I were rummaging through a second-hand bookstore in Wollongong when we came across a set of books by F. W. Boreham. Jeremy […]

F. W. Boreham: The great Christian essayist

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The article below was written by Dr. Andrew Corbett of Finding Truth Matters. He is currently in the process of producing a series of documentaries on the life of F. W. Boreham and provides some brilliant resources on Boreham’s life at his website. Dr. Corbett has generously given permission to reproduce this article for you […]

On Frightening Timothy

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It is an evil thing and a bitter to frighten Timothy. And it is woefully easy to do. Timothy is very young. He always was! He always will be! Timothy has solved the problem of perpetual youth. He will never grow old. He was very young when he went up to Corinth that first time. […]

Spurgeon’s text

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It’s was the first Sunday of the New Year, and this was how it opened! On roads and footpaths the snow was already many inches deep; the fields were a sheet of blinding whiteness; and the flakes were still falling as though they never meant to stop. As the caretaker fought his way through the […]

The Minor Minor Prophets

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It was the deliberate opinion of Charley Bates, the pickpocket, that Bill Sikes’ dog was ‘an out-and-out Christian.’ ‘He wouldn’t so much as bark in a witness-box for fear of committing himself; no, not if you tied him up in one, and left him there without wittles for a fortnight,’ added the Artful Dodger. ‘He’s […]