The Virtue of Cutting Church Programmes

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Many of you were at the recent NBF. Is it just me or is talking about GMT at an NBF kind of like standing inside a lion exhibit holding a juicy steak? If you know the sensation, then this t-shirt is for you. DISCLAIMER: This is a joke. This t-shirt is not actually for sale […]

Those Radical Young Leaders

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Well, by the time you read this, the US elections will be history (God willing) and a lot of people will be very disappointed. I hope I’m not one of them. Who said it? Ok. Here’s the game. I give a quote. You guess who said it under comments. One rule. You can’t Google it. […]

Build Your Programmes Around Your People

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I know you’ve been dying to know who said it. Well, it was Jim Elliot, modern missionary martyr who said: It is not the winning of souls nor the spreading of missions that should inflame me. Paul said “I count all loss that I may win (not souls) but Christ” (Phil. 3:8). [Taken from The […]