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Alana is a primary school teacher. She and her husband, David lived in Cairns for over 17 years but are now living in Cape York in a remote Aboriginal community. Alana enjoys teaching in many different capacities, reading missionary biographies and pursuing biblical womanhood.


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    Lina Wardan

    Beautiful….Thank you

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    Steve Warren

    There must be a chain of Mitre 11 because we used to have one when we lived at Normanton 1987-1993, sadly though as a town becomes more civilized the Mitre 11 is usually converted from a drive through recycle centre and free goods exchange to a place where you have to pay for the privelidge of disposing of your unwanted goods and you are prohibited from picking up any exchange items.

    I was thinking of having a real whinge on this one but after just commenting on Ben’s post on Romans 13 I know that I better bite my tongue. Sadly though it is because people are not willing to take responsibility for their own actions and councils are scared of being sued by someone who electrocutes himself with the welder he just got out of the dump that many of these simple and practical ways of doing things are dissapearing.

    We christians need to be careful that we don’t become fearful like our councils when it comes to dealing with the damaged and unwanted of humanity, people who have been damaged by sin can be difficult, dangerous or unpredictable and we could be hurt or suffer loss when trying to minister to them but the reward of seeing someones life changed or even just made a little more bearable for a short time because we took the time to share Christ with them or just minister to their urgent practical need is surely worth the effort.

    Last Sunday we had such a visitor at church and sadly most folks were noticably apprehensive of coming and saying hello. Thankfully a few made the effort and hopefully the person may come back next week. A handout may well have been all that they were looking for but hopefully the fact that a few people took the time to talk and share with the person may encourage them to come back for something more precious.

    A little time spent meditating on Matthew Ch 5 would do us all good.

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    Ahhh the swap shop of a bygone era!!!! At ours you have to pay to leave stuff there and pay to take anything out. The joy is gone from a trip to the dump.
    The other words of that song are:-
    “If there ever were dreams that were lofty and noble,
    they were my dreams at the start.
    And my hopes for lifes best
    were the hopes that I harboured
    down deep in my heart.
    But my dreams turned to ashes,
    my castles all crumbled,
    my fortune turned to loss.
    That’s when I wrapped it all
    in the rags of my life
    and laid it at the Cross,
    where He made –
    Something Beautiful, something SO good.
    All my confusion …… etc”
    I often wonder where our lives would be had we not made that exchange. Thank you again for seeing Gods Ways in ordinary things.


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