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    Pemberly Parker

    It was interesting to find out that William Fleming was Australian. I just assumed he was British since he served with the China Inland Mission. His grave still exists. I actually saw it while touring in Panghai, a small village in Guizhou Province. There is a Chinese man buried next to him (probably the man he tried to save) as well as another, named Charles Chenery (not sure if his surname is spelled correctly…the headstone was hard to read).

    You’d never know the graved existed except that I heard by word of mouth. They are actually located behind an old woman’s house. The graves are covered by pumpkin plants and weeds. It was a strong reminder of those who came to an isolated land to lay a foundation for Father.

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    Thank you so much for sharing that! I would love to visit there some day. It’s appropriate that he is buried in a garden. Truly the blood of the martyrs is bearing a great crop in China in our day!

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    Ian Welch

    William Fleming was a Scotsman from near Dundee. He was uneducated and the CIM tested his calling by asking him to find his own way to China. He had a difficult relationship with Frank Burden, an Englishman also recruited in Adelaide.

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    Jason Harris

    Yes, I was fascinated by these things during my research. Are you familiar with Fleming? I’d love to get more info on his life.

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    Ian Welch

    Jason, Contact me separately and I’ll give you what I have on Fleming. On the other hand, Frank Burden, an Englishman from Adelaide with significant local Baptist family links in Australia, was a far more significant person. His comments on Fleming suggest that the early reservations of the Australian CIM Committee were well-grounded.

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    Jason Harris

    Sounds good. If you can drop me some sort of contact details… my email is jason @


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    Jon Tettleton

    I also visited his grave in Guizhou, back in 2005! It was a pretty moving experience. I didn’t know very much about him then, so this helps shed light on his past. Thanks for doing so much research, as it gives breath to the “great cloud of witnesses” passage.

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    Kimberly Smith

    Robert Banks is to speak about the Saunders Sisters at St Hilary’s Anglican Church, KEW (Australia) tomorrow -Sunday 4th May 2014.

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    Jason Harris

    Thanks for the heads up on that!


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