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Jeremy Crooks

Jeremy grew up in Sydney Australia. He has tertiary qualifications in business, training, and Bible. With experience in both church ministry and corporate human resources, Jeremy has a strong interest in how faith is demonstrated in our homes and workplaces. You can contact Jeremy at


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    Excellent. Thanks Jeremy. Totally agree with the ‘not burning bridges’ approach – its so important!

    There are three other principals I try and live by –

    i) “Cut-off nobody” – if someone’s walked away from the Lord, keep the relationship open so that when the crisis comes they feel like they can turn to you.

    ii) “Friendship counts for something” – even when we disagree theologically, years spent together serving the Lord count for a lot.

    iii) “Loyalty covers a multitude of foibles”

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      Jeremy Crooks

      Thanks PJ.

      I have room to improve in this area. I appreciate your tips.

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