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Jeremy Crooks

Jeremy grew up in Sydney Australia. He has tertiary qualifications in business, training, and Bible. With experience in both church ministry and corporate human resources, Jeremy has a strong interest in how faith is demonstrated in our homes and workplaces. You can contact Jeremy at


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    “I believe churches and church leaders must help inoculate and revive Christian workers who are on the front line in the battle against our greedy culture.”

    I love these two ideas of ‘inoculation’ and ‘revival’ – a wonderful way of describing it.

    I often struggle with knowing when to challenge the predominant cultural norms with regards to work/money and when to make the way we do things at church easier so as to accommodate those norms. Do you lower the bar because people have to work harder to afford bigger houses etc, or do you challenge them to rethink their values and keep the bar set high?

    Thankyou for this post and for the way you write so perceptibly and fairly about the interface of Christianity with economics and politics.

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    Greed and materialism is the West’s idol. It needs to be broken down so that God can rule in people’s hearts.


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