Spice Up Your Public Bible Reading

Switching on my iPod, I prepared to skip the Bible reading and go straight to the preaching.  But something about the well-modulated tones stridently spiced with a Bronx accent arrested my a... Read more

Why I Wouldn’t Give my Friend a KJV

Revered as it is for its poetic language, renowned as it is for its weighty contribution to everyday English, and respected as it is for its scholarly accuracy, the language of the King Jame... Read more

The Translators to the Reader

oday I present to you a document of great import: The preface to the King James Version. Along with the writings of the early fathers and the creeds, confessions, and catechisms, this docume... Read more

A Bible in her Own Language

Last week I visited a friend in hospital.  Before leaving, I asked if she had her Bible handy.  Slipping her hand under her pillow, she produced the precious volume for me to read to her.  B... Read more

More on Public Bible Reading

Have you been exercised in your spirit about why we as a church do not participate in more public Bible reading?  After I posted my blog on this topic a couple of weeks ago, I received my e-... Read more

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