The Benefits of the Bible (Part 2)

Introduction: Last week I began a 2 part series on 9 benefits of the Word of God. I have already explained the first 5 benefits: 1. The Word of God is Pure. 2. The Word of God is Pertinent.... Read more

The NIV and the deity of Christ

[stextbox id=”info”]I wrote this post about six years ago while I was in Bible college in Sydney. It was a study that I did for my own benefit, and have not published until now.[... Read more

Taking America Out of the Bible

As an Australian, I realise just how much American culture has influenced today’s Christian practices.   Because the USA has been the world’s leading ‘Christian’ supe... Read more

The Benfits of the Bible (Part 1)

Introduction: The first recorded question in the Bible was asked by the subtle serpent of Genesis 3. His question: ‘Yea hath God said…?’ intended to sow the seed of doubt in the mind o... Read more

Christ-Centred Preaching in a Self-Centred Culture

‘For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord’ (2 Cor. 4:5 )     After a full life of ministry, the fifty year old Charles Spurgeon writes, ‘Souls by hundreds come to faith in... Read more

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