Thinking about Possessions

One of my prized childhood possessions was a helicopter toy with moving rotors.  You could place two figures into the helicopter and it had spring-loaded missiles.  One day after church, we... Read more

The People God Chooses To Save

Susan Boyle was the 47-year old Scottish woman who applied to the TV show Britain’s Got Talent.  When she presented herself, the judges and the crowd didn’t believe she could sin... Read more

A Christian Self Image

I’ve been meaning to finish up my series on self image for a long time now. You can see the first two posts here and here. Those two posts lay the groundwork for this one. I’m go... Read more

Just because

You know how to recognise a person who isn’t acting deliberately? Ask him “why?” If he doesn’t know, then he’s probably doing it “just because.”... Read more

Thoreau: “to live deliberately”

He wasn’t a believer, but Henry David Thoreau was a thoughtful and articulate man. This piece from Walden inspires and intrigues me. I went to the woods because I wished to live delibe... Read more

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