Should I pursue prosecution of crimes against me?

So you are the victim of a crime. It may be publicly known or it may be unknown to most. It may be recent or it may be the silent horror of a broken childhood. The perpetrator may be someone... Read more

Literary views on death from a Christian worldview

This week I have a question for the hive mind.  What is the most powerful description of death that you have read in literature from a Christian perspective?  I would love for you to post th... Read more


This week we saw the passing of Steve Jobs.  Without doubt he achieved remarkable feats in technology, business, his career and social change.   I admire much of what he did with his 56 year... Read more

Breaking Down Discrimination

We have heard that the path to God is ‘narrow’.   In the OT, the path to salvation was restrictive.    While God laid out a path through his chosen people, the Jews created artif... Read more

Our Promised Future?

As the technology age dawned, our social future looked bright. We were ‘promised’ prosperous times with satisfying jobs, lives of leisure and flying cars. Yet, more than ever, po... Read more

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