Thursday afternoon

ednesday had been a difficult day in the city, so he was glad to spend the evening at a friend’s house in a small town a few kilometres outside the city. Thursday morning he sent some... Read more

Tuesday meanderings

Warning. This is a chit chat post. If you value your time, just move on to something else. Broken people We live on a broken planet. I’ve been reminded so many times in the last severa... Read more

Why your “good testimony” might be keeping them from Christ

“Before you can get someone saved, you first have to get them lost.” The primary need of our day is to help lost people realise they are sinners. And that is difficult in a socie... Read more

The Gospel Lifestyle

One bad habit of a Christian is to think of the Gospel only as a decision — a commitment which was made years ago.  So when he hears the Gospel mentioned, he thinks “I’ve d... Read more

Jonah & Jesus

Jonah’s story as “the man who ran away from God” is for everybody.  Adults identify with Jonah, as we all can admit that we often hear God’s instruction yet rebel aga... Read more

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