Face to Face with the New Testament

See this morning’s post for the context of this post. I wanted to give you the information for Dr. Don Barker’s seminar Face to Face with the New Testament. You can get the infor... Read more

John Stott: The Cross Of Christ

I’m currently enjoying John Stott’s great work The Cross of Christ, which is full of helpful insights on the cross as the New Testament’s dominating theme.  (A good survey... Read more

On the atonement

Leviticus 12, 13 “I was shapen in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me” ( Pss. 51:5 KJV). From the beginning of my life my contact has been with the unclean—how than ca... Read more

Jason, what does “imputed” mean?

A friend asked me recently “Jason, what does ‘imputed’ mean?” No, she wasn’t a Christian. And no we weren’t studying the Bible. We were studying for an ac... Read more

On inspiration and apologetics… and an ulcerous moon

Letter from Fritz… today. Most encouraging. Lead him on, Lord. Inspiration From Gaussen’s work Theopneustia [the Greek word which the King James Version translates “is give... Read more

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