Did Jesus exist?

Someone recently told me “I have no reason to think your Jesus ever lived or died.” The comment seems absurd to those who live within the orb of Christianity, but are there groun... Read more

From Fire Insurance to Love Story

The initial and primary motive drawing me to Christ was ‘Fire Insurance’.    When the reality of hell and judgement sunk in, I quickly began taking Jesus seriously.   If we are h... Read more

The scandals of that silent night

Silent night, holy night… The song brings to mind images of moonlit fields and starry skies; shepherds laughing around a cosy fire; an awestruck husband and a contemplative new mum. We... Read more

Easter Is For Runners

“What is your most popular Easter egg?”  I asked the lady at Darrell Lea.  She pointed to a large-sized egg. “Oh, definitely the nougat egg — the whole thing is fille... Read more

Death and taxes: The theology of Easter

They say only two things are certain: Death and taxes. I suppose we could think of tax as one of a citizen’s liabilities in a contract between a nation and its citizens. A contract tha... Read more

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