Insights For Easter

This time of year is a great opportunity to reflect on Jesus’ death and resurrection. Here are some insights gleaned from John Stott’s The Cross Of Christ: “In the Christian theo... Read more

If evolution is true…

. If evolution is true… there is no absolute sovereign God. . If there is no absolute sovereign God… there are no absolute morals. . If there are no absolute morals… we can... Read more

The startling quietness of God

I think there is nothing so startling in all the graces of God as His quietness. When men have raged untruths in His Name, when they have used the assumed authority of the Son of God to put... Read more

Because I Said So

Reading through Leviticus recently, I’ve noticed a phrase that comes up time after time: “I am the Lord.” God is giving the Israelites instructions, the purpose for which i... Read more

The Witch Doctor and the Inscrutability of God

Mournful wailing wafted across the jagged rocks to the watchers waiting on shore.  Her children at her side, a young mother pleaded into the wind, willing her voice to be carried to her miss... Read more

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