Parental love

Written several years ago while watching a family interact in a busy airport terminal. Parental love is firm. It rebukes and confronts in spite of personal discomfort. It rebukes again. Pare... Read more

Mitre Eleven

Pormpuraaw has a rubbish dump. It’s a mighty grand one. You spot it just before you reach town. There are poles at certain intervals, at the entrance to the dump, ready for the fencing but t... Read more

God’s Love Demonstrated

Thanks to Facebook, I recently saw something I had not seen before in a wedding, from a couple I knew from uni.  Both are musicians and in their wedding, the groom chose to sing to his bride... Read more

Considering Creation

Our church is providing another creation science event, with speaker Dr George Matzko (Bob Jones University).  The first topic was “Design in Nature,” which surveyed various ways... Read more

The People God Chooses To Save

Susan Boyle was the 47-year old Scottish woman who applied to the TV show Britain’s Got Talent.  When she presented herself, the judges and the crowd didn’t believe she could sin... Read more

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