This Site is Not IE Compatible

This site is not IE compatible. But then is any? *snicker* So, yeah, if you still use IE (Internet Explorer), there is hope. Just click here and download Firefox. It’s free. It actuall... Read more

This Space is Now Happening

Day One: Good morning! This is the first day of our new group blogging experiment and I’m really excited about getting into this. I spoke to Robert Apps this morning and got his post f... Read more

Watch This Space

Well, the new template is up and most of the fine tuning is done. I want to take a moment to introuduce you to the group blog experiment. We’ve got a team of five men who have agreed t... Read more

Blog Renovations

Last week several of us guys did the 16 hours drive (12 hours if you’re speed limit challenged) down to the NBF in Adelaide. This provided a lot of good time for rethinking and brainst... Read more

Legal Education Ministry Launched

My friend Robert Apps has just launched a new website, Apps Ministries. Rob is a solicitor as well as Assistant Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church, Cairns. The Lord has really been opening doo... Read more

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