You get one life. How are you using it?

This is not an inspirational book. It’s a hands-on, 44-page guide for living your life deliberately in 2017. But it is rooted in some inspirational truths. This is how the introduction... Read more

A new lease on life for InFocus

It’s been over eleven years since InFocus was founded and this year could have easily been the last for this website. But I sat down with some key people behind this website recently a... Read more

Our purpose

If you’ll take a quick look here, you’ll notice that our purpose statement has been updated. The new statement is: Our purpose is to develop a network of Australian readers, thin... Read more

Oxygen 2014

I’m excited to announce that InFocus will be giving you live coverage of the Oxygen 2014 and One Love 2014 events in August! These premiere events bring such world-class speakers as Do... Read more

New book from InFocus Publications!

Do you know what you believe about God’s Word and why? InFocus Publications presents The Doctrine of Scripture by Jason Harris! This book is a careful look at what Scripture says about Scrip... Read more

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