Anyone for Easter Eggs?

A reader of this blog has raised the question: “Do independent churches make too little of Easter?”  On my way to church last Sunday I passed several children carrying palm branches to churc... Read more

Church Music Training

Last weekend I attended a training seminar on church music, provided through a local Bible institute.  Over fifty people attended from various independent churches, including a couple from M... Read more

It depends….

Thanks for your thoughtful responses to my last post on altar calls.  The consensus is – “it depends.”  So my next question is – it depends on what? Let’s talk about the factors determ... Read more

Altar Calls: Yes or No?

Let’s discuss the use of altar calls in church services.  For the purpose of this blog post, an altar call is an event that takes place after preaching.  It involves an invitation from the p... Read more

Pray The Word

Pray The Word

For some of us, it’s easier to talk with God spontaneously during the day: a request here, a thank-you there.  To pray anywhere and anytime is an amazing blessing of knowing God.  But moment... Read more

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