Grace-Based Confession

Bobby Emberley is in his last year of his bachelor’s degree programme at Bible college in the US.  As a “pastor’s kid” brought up in a fundamental church and Christian school, he is well acq... Read more

Feeling Guilty, Feeling Good:  The Twisted Self-Tortures of Spiritual Addictions

Her stricken face is etched in my memory.  An out-of-town visitor to our church, the troubled woman approached us in anguish after the service.  Her problem?  Our church’s failure to have an... Read more

When a Backyard Barbecue Becomes a Heavenly Rendezvous

Do you ever come away from spending time with another Christian feeling unsatisfied with the quality of fellowship?  That you talked about sports and politics or cooking and kids but never r... Read more

Moving Men

Hudson Taylor Part 2 ‘To me it was a very grave matter,’ he (Hudson Taylor) wrote that winter, ‘to contemplate going out to China, far from all human aid, there to depend upon the living God... Read more

Talking with God

I enjoy personal and corporate prayer.  I enjoy reading prayers in the Scriptures and the prayers of men and women who love God.  I pray before meals and when I’m in the car.  I try to follo... Read more

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