The Virtue of Cutting Church Programmes

Many of you were at the recent NBF. Is it just me or is talking about GMT at an NBF kind of like standing inside a lion exhibit holding a juicy steak? If you know the sensation, then this t-... Read more

Questions About Music…

Music, being perhaps one of the most controversial issues in Christianity today, brings up a lot of questions. Many of them deserve to be answered personally and honestly. Is bigger, louder,... Read more

When Satan Rings Your Number

Mobile Phone Etiquette for the Church Goer By Jason Harris One of the most distracting things that can happen during a church service, second only to crying babies and sleeping deacons, is w... Read more

The Worst Job in the World, Part Four

By Steven Mock What can you do to be a blessing to your pastor and make his job easier? We’ve already looked at how you can love him, pray for him, and serve him. My final answer to this que... Read more

The Worst Job in the World, Part Three

By Steven Mock Are you concerned that your pastor might have the worst job in the world? Probably not if you expect him to work an unreasonable number of hours throughout the week and if you... Read more

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