Are associations important?

Unreliable internet access, travel, and the normal busyness have thwarted my every attempt at a proper post today. What better time to empty out my links folder? 7,500 online shoppers unknow... Read more

Deputation: Special Ministry Preparation

I have seen many missionary presentations, but there is one that will always stand out to me.  One Sunday night, Di and I visited a church where a missionary family was presenting their miss... Read more

When you’re the broken arm in the body of Christ

Teaching, cleaning, painting, singing… life is busy in the body of Christ. But what about when it isn’t? What about when you can’t teach and you can’t clean? You... Read more

Three Errors in Establishing Church Ministries

A good friend and mentor taught this personal life lesson to me. NO VISION, NO ABILITY TO EXECUTE “We’ve tried it before.”  “That won’t work here.”  “I’m too busy.” It can be very dishearten... Read more

iPads.. in a ministry context

Chances are  (if you’re reading this blog) you know about the launch of the Apple iPad.  Perhaps you’re curious about its potential for use in a ministry context?  Perhaps you have a strong... Read more

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