Learn From A Swan

(I am traveling in the US until mid-February, so my initial posts will be based on books I’ve read recently.) The Legacy of Sovereign Joy is one of Piper’s biographical series, T... Read more

My Year on an A6 Card

ots of people have Christmas traditions but do you have any New Year’s traditions? Of course there’s always the old stay-up-til-midnight routine, but besides that. My New Year... Read more

A Call to Serious Reading, Part Two

By Jason Harris In part one we saw that every believer ought to cultivate a balanced reading habit. Following are three suggestions for a balanced reading habit. Read Critically Critical thi... Read more

A Call to Serious Reading, Part One

By Jason Harris If you had the opportunity to spend several hours with any leader in the world, would you take it? Probably all of us would jump at the chance. You may not have the opportuni... Read more

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