Are You Effective?

The best thoughts do not always win. Ideas that are communicate effectively come out on top.  I often ask myself, ‘Why are the best television advertisements for beer?  Can’t the... Read more

The Fire Starter

I scarfed down my last bite and dashed toward the car, grabbing my stuff on the way out. Within a few minutes I was walking into the room where the others had already gathered to pray. As I... Read more

Pastors and blogging (An interview with Al Garlando)

Following on from last week’s interview with Bob Bixby, I’ve interviewed Al Garlando, an Australian blogging pastor. Jason Harris interviews Albert Garlando for InFocus JH: I kno... Read more

Should pastors blog? (An interview with Bob Bixby)

Part of the purpose of InFocus is to develop the Australian blogosphere. We do this by providing an Australian section in our blogroll, by linking generously to Australian blogs, and by enco... Read more

Learning from Luther

Martin Luther (1483 – 1546) was one the most colourful and passionate characters in church history.  As a principle reformer, Luther took complex issues and unravelled them into the common v... Read more

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