Why the Abused Stay/Fear, part 2

Reputation of Christ Another fear Christian wives have that makes them stay is thinking that a separation will hurt the cause of Christ – especially if her husband has a presence in th... Read more

Why the Abused Stay/Fear, part 1

“Why in the world doesn’t she just LEAVE him?!” Did that question pop into your mind too while reading about all that the abused endure in Series 1? The answer is not simpl... Read more

Spotting an Abuser Before You Marry One

This is the last post in Series 1 – How to Spot An Abuser.   COMING:               Series 2 – Why the Abused Stay           Series 3 – Why Abusers Abuse             Series... Read more

Financial and Spiritual Abuse

So far, we’ve covered physical violence and the cycle of abuse, plus emotional/mental abuse.  Another method an abuser uses to get and maintain control of his wife is … Financial... Read more

  Like the tiny destructive termite in “No One Knew” (post 1 of 6 in this Series 1 of 4 “How to Spot an Abuser”), a marriage can be destroyed by “a thousan... Read more

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