Historical Sources – What are they?  Where to start.

Thanks for your comments on the previous post.  I would like to expand on the discussion for those of you who would like to know more:   A REALLY SIMPLE INTRODUCTION TO PRIMARY & SE... Read more

Well Calvin burned a man at the stake…

The year is 2100 and one of your descendants is doing some research into your life.  Because you are not someone of great significance, your descendant will probably find a birthday, time of... Read more

On Receiving Our Fifth Child

My excellent wife Di gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday evening.  We thank God for the opportunity to nurture her life.  Our hearts are full — and our days are busy!  I’ve selec... Read more

Learning from Luther

Martin Luther (1483 – 1546) was one the most colourful and passionate characters in church history.  As a principle reformer, Luther took complex issues and unravelled them into the common v... Read more

Good Books

I once read a survey which listed top books recommended by evangelical leaders.  It was fascinating to discover which books had influenced the minds of great pastors and leaders.  Theologica... Read more

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