F. W. Boreham: The great Christian essayist

The article below was written by Dr. Andrew Corbett of Finding Truth Matters. He is currently in the process of producing a series of documentaries on the life of F. W. Boreham and provides... Read more

F. W. Boreham

I was first introduced to the writings of F. W. Boreham by my brother-in-law, Jeremy Pinero. At the time I read only a few excerpts from his books. Several years later, Jeremy and I were rum... Read more

On reading ancient books

Ligon Duncan, in his excellent session at T4G 2010, read out this selection from C. S. Lewis. The quotation is taken from his introduction to Athanasius’ work On the Incarnation. I cop... Read more

Learning from history

CONTENT WARNING: This post contains material which some readers may find disturbing. If you do not wish to see this material, please stop reading now. “Mum! Why do I have to study all... Read more

Old Advice For Modern Parents

“False natural love blinds parents so that they have more regard for the bodies of their children than they have for their souls… It is of the greatest importance for every married man to pa... Read more

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