The empty crib

It was on the lawn in front of the Silverstream Manse that I lost my faith in the unimpeachable excellence of cleanliness. Cleanliness is a good thing; but, like most good things, it can be... Read more

The Minor Minor Prophets

It was the deliberate opinion of Charley Bates, the pickpocket, that Bill Sikes’ dog was ‘an out-and-out Christian.’ ‘He wouldn’t so much as bark in a witness-box for... Read more

Spurgeon’s text

It’s was the first Sunday of the New Year, and this was how it opened! On roads and footpaths the snow was already many inches deep; the fields were a sheet of blinding whiteness; and the fl... Read more

Labels … More Harm than Good?

Do you every wonder why Spirituality is respected, but Religion is a dirty word?  Consider the myriad of Christian terms: Protestant, Orthydox; Reformed, Charismatic;  Fundamentalist, Evange... Read more

On Frightening Timothy

It is an evil thing and a bitter to frighten Timothy. And it is woefully easy to do. Timothy is very young. He always was! He always will be! Timothy has solved the problem of perpetual yout... Read more

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