The Prayer of a Seventeen Year Old Quaker Girl

I stumbled across this prayer one morning during my devotional time. It caused me to think about the way I pray. I found myself asking questions like, “Do I see myself as God sees me?”, “Do... Read more

Glorifying God in Conflict

“It is important to realise that if you do not glorify God when you are involved in a conflict, you will inevitably glorify someone or something else. By your actions you will show eit... Read more

John Vaughn on Disabilities

“A handicap is a responsibility! It is an exclamation point in a person’s life message. Whatever we’re saying with our lives, we say more emphatically if we are disabled.... Read more

J. Oswald Sanders on Leadership

“The young man of leadership caliber will work while others waste time, study while others snooze, pray while others daydream. Slothful habits are overcome, whether in thought, deed, o... Read more

Jay Adams on Delivery in Preaching

“It is the purpose of the passage that must be uppermost. This is true just as well for delivery as for anything else: God’s purpose must control all. All error in preaching, in... Read more

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