Six Spiritual Lessons I Learned at the Gym

Some experiences in life are like thumbnail images of the larger mural of our lives. They startle us with their simplicity; they awaken us with their clarity.  They are tutors in the larger... Read more

Looking Beyond the Juniper Tree!

Have you ever felt like you cannot go on? Have you ever experienced the weights of despair, discouragement and disappointment? Do you ever wonder if there is anybody left who actually cares... Read more

Bible Reading: Pick Your Plan for 2012

Personal Bible reading can be a glorious adventure or a guilt-burdened duty.  Choosing a Bible reading plan that fits your life may be part of the key to finding delight within the pages of... Read more

The All Seeing Eye

One of college professors announced that he had concluded that Christian’s no longer believed in the omniscience of God.  Initially, I paused and thought, “What do you mean we do... Read more

When God hurts us

I spoke at a family camp at Crystal Creek Christian Camp over the weekend. If you’ve ever been there, you know the blessing it is to fellowship with God’s people around the word... Read more

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