Blogging the NBF… Once Again

It’s that time of year again. I’m heading out tomorrow morning for my annual pilgrimmage to wherever the NBF (National Baptist Fellowship) happens to be—Adelaide in this case. I... Read more

Today Tonight on Guglielmucci

There are a lot of things we can learn from this situation. A lot of things… Read more

This Should Not Have Happened

The Apprising Ministries website is now officially offline. Rick Warren’s apologist, Abanes (pronounced Uh-bah-nez) threatened legal action against IPower (Apprising Ministries’... Read more

Live Blogging the Annual AFBC Conference

This week, Wednesday to Friday, is the annual Australian Fellowship of Bible-Believing Churches Bible Conference in Sydney. I felt that it would be good for us to be aware of what’s go... Read more

Shaming China

The Olympic torch relay has been an absolute debacle. It’s like the whole world is participating in a big shaming of China. And for good reason. China has been trying to play with the... Read more

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