Apologies for the late post and rushed thoughts… On Sunday, a friend and I went to visit Hillsong church in Norwest. I’m no advocate for Hillsong but there were some interesting... Read more

This Space is Now Happening

Day One: Good morning! This is the first day of our new group blogging experiment and I’m really excited about getting into this. I spoke to Robert Apps this morning and got his post f... Read more

NBF Adelaide: Thursday Morning

The last day of a conference is always good because you can come late and still get a good seat—everyone else has slept in and is coming in late as well! The morning started out with mission... Read more

NBF Adelaide: Wednesday Morning

Roger Monosmith spoke for the first session. I ended up missing the second session. The third session was a split session. I’m told the men’s session with Buddy Smith was a profitable messag... Read more

NBF Adelaide: Tuesday Evening

Alen and I are taking turns on this thing so tonight is my turn. This afternoon we ended up back at our lodging doing the usual solve-all-the-problems-of-the-world-in-a-single-sitting thing.... Read more

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