So what about separation?

So I’ve spent the week at Oxygen 2014 sitting under, and publicly engaging, the preaching of men like Don Carson, Francis Chan, John Lennox, Paul Tripp, and Bryan Chapell. But what abo... Read more

Australia’s premiere evangelical event?

KCC’s Oxygen is becoming, it seems to me, Australia’s premiere evangelical event. This week 1,500+ Christian leaders have gathered in Sydney to rally around the gospel of Jesus C... Read more

Some thoughts on Oxygen so far

Here are some observations from my time here at Oxygen 2014 so far. Concerns First, there is a danger that, in trying to bring people together from a broad spectrum of Christian circles, we... Read more

#onelove2014 – Gems From the Last Session

I wanted to share one more post about my experience at KCC’s One Love Women’s Conference last Saturday.  Though all 3 sessions were amazing, Bryan Chapell’s touched me the... Read more

Launching twitter coverage of Oxygen 2014

I’m in Sydney at the Australian Technology Park today and I’m excited to be covering Oxygen 2014 live from today until Thursday (It’s not too late to register by the way).... Read more

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