What Christians must require of Malcolm Turnbull

When Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull took to the podium to speak on the night of the Federal election, there are a number of things he could have said that wouldn’t have been surprisin... Read more

How Can We Help the Sexual Abuse Victim?

With society’s current focus on the Duggars, maybe it’d be a good idea to look into general principles of how to help the victims of sexual abuse. What does a victim deal with? T... Read more

Jumping the Shark with the Duggars

It is the story that just will not go away.   The story of Josh Duggars teenage actions keeps spinning off more and more new stories.   Much like they kept on having more children, it has us... Read more

Ten things every person should be able to affirm in the face of the Duggar family tragedy

  I wanted to ignore this story. I really did. But it seems I’m the only one. For some reason, this story is resonating with people. Particularly Christians. Particularly conserva... Read more

Can Faith Survive When Hope Dies?

or How Does a Young Mother Survive Losing Two Babies? Press Interview with Nancy Guthrie At KCC’s #OneLove14 women’s event and #Oxygen2014 week-long conference last month in Sydn... Read more

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