Why the 2016 Census May Be My Last

Like most Australians, I have seen the slow moving train wreck that is the 2016 Australian Census.  As a keen observer of technology, I have been following #CensusFail.  It is not my intenti... Read more

Projection Software for Church Services

I remember the first time I saw a data projector used in a church service.  The unit was the size of a carry-on piece of luggage and it also acted as a convergence device with a built in VCR... Read more

On discussion in the blogosphere

[stextbox id=”alert” color=”ff0000″ mleft=”10″ mright=”10″ mtop=”10″ mbottom=”10″ image=”null”]I had inten... Read more

When can’t I reach you?

We’re used to saying “when can I reach you?” But the ubiquity of technology has made the inverse just as relevant. When can’t I reach you? Is there a time in your day... Read more

What’s On Your Wall?

When I joined Facebook, my initial feeling was fascination.  I was connecting with friends around the world in a way that was convenient and relatively secure.  We regained contact with othe... Read more

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