What’s Your Style?

I  worked part-time in a department store during my seminary years.  The store promoted clothing from Ralph Lauren and other brands, with glossy posters and creative displays.   Each brand p... Read more

iPads.. in a ministry context

Chances are  (if you’re reading this blog) you know about the launch of the Apple iPad.  Perhaps you’re curious about its potential for use in a ministry context?  Perhaps you have a strong... Read more

Doing Hard Things

Jessica Watson’s solo world voyage was a remarkable success, especially considering her young age.  Sixteen year-old Jessica sailed non-stop for over 200 days and 20,000 nautical miles... Read more

Designer Furniture & Monks

I recently read an article about designer furniture on a domestic flight in China. In summary: 1) The wealthy in China have property and technology, 2) Furniture will be the next status symb... Read more

Making Good Entertainment Better

Last week, I drank a mixture of kiwi fruit, banana, apple and guava that promised “wellness” and the “balance of the mind and soul.”  (For what it’s worth – I think that the bacon, sausage a... Read more

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