Why they think we’re dangerous (and why they might be right)

The word “fundamentalist” tends to invoke fear and disdain in modern Australian culture. To be labeled a fundamentalist is to wear a stain, to be marked as intellectually inferio... Read more

Missional Fundamentalists?

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” This oft-quoted and helpful mantra raises the question of what is “the main thing”? I think I’m fairl... Read more

Fundamentalism: Defining a Movement

This post was originally written and posted in 2005. Due to the controversy it caused it was removed a short time later. I post it again at this time because I believe the issues at stake ar... Read more

Why I Still Log on to

The article following (in the next post) was originally published on InFocus (back when it was called the “Fundamentalist Resource Centre”) back in July 2005. It’s been a w... Read more

In Defence of Militancy

By David Doran Recent proposals about the nature of Fundamentalism are stirring lively debate. While I have heard of no bloodshed, I am certain that quite a few blood pressures have risen wi... Read more

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