God’s Word Can Be Understood

It’s been quite a while since I started my discussion on Bible interpretation so I’ll link you to the first two posts. Why they think we’re dangerous (and why they might be... Read more

What’s it all mean for Australian Fundamentalism?

So it’s been big stuff over on the other side of the planet. The big names have gotten involved: Doran, Bauder, Vaughn… John MacArthur’s second hand man, Phil Johnson, is w... Read more

If you read John Piper and think you have to stop being a fundamentalist, read this.

“If you are a younger fundamentalist and hope to stay one and be a good one, read this. If you think you are not a fundamentalist and wonder what the best ones are like, read this. If... Read more

The Time Has Come

I normally don’t focus much on what is happening in US Fundamentalism here. But you’d have to be asleep or seriously disconnected with the blogosphere to have missed the current... Read more

Those Rigid Literalists

Two weeks ago, I addressed the question of why they think we’re dangerous (and why they might be right). My conclusion was that fundamentalism is not dangerous except in two cases: When we h... Read more

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