What Kind Of Error Is “KJV Only”?

Defining “KJV Only” Before we consider this question, do you consider yourself to be “KJV Only?”  By this, I mean: Do you believe that God preserved His Word to us in... Read more

Our Country. Our Responsibility.

Over the years, an insidious notion has periodically expressed itself in our circles. The notion is that God is working in the 10/40 window, but he isn’t up to much here in Australia.... Read more

Value in novels

Back at work in the post office at Huntington. Slow going with souls here, but there are encouraging signs. Men unsound in doctrine complicate the issue by “sanctification” exper... Read more

Love Mercy

Love Mercy

How is your social conscience? In your thinking is “humanitarian aid” nothing more than the theological liberal’s version of the gospel? Should we as fundamentalists be deeply involved in so... Read more

Dictators Breed Cowards

When a dictator rules, one of three things will happen to the courageous: The courageous will stand up to the dictator and be mowed down. The courageous will stand up to the dictator and esc... Read more

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