That’s just the end of my introduction…

The first time I had the opportunity to “teach” Bible in a public setting was at the age of fourteen.  I had 10 minutes in a children’s Sunday School class to talk about Da... Read more

School leavers & formal ministry training

Australia recognises the value of competency and improvement in the workforce. We have regulation and training options for almost every industry application and education itself is a major i... Read more

The Essence of Meat

Do you own a stack of books which fall into the category of “purchased with every good intention of reading?”  For Christians, this usually occurs after being caught up in the emotion of a p... Read more

School Choices: Does Home Schooling Work?

For many parents, home schooling is a desirable alternative to consider, especially when educational choices are limited.  Here’s some information that may help. In Australia, it is di... Read more

School Choices

If you recently finished uni or school, you may not be keen to relive those years!  Let’s get on with life, right?  But it’s worth looking back sometimes, because your school exp... Read more

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