Bible Truths for the Right-Brained

Ever heard the joke “Left-handed people are the only people in their right minds”?  Roger Sperry, who won a Nobel prize in 1981 for his work with split-brain research, is responsible for muc... Read more

Ministers & Science

  Our church participated in our monthly bush regeneration project with the local community yesterday.  While sitting in the mulch I was thinking about ministers and science.   Min... Read more

Sing your Children to Excellent Theology

For many of us, the burden of teaching our children about God leads quickly to a guilt trip.  We search Christian catalogues for the right devotional material, written especially for childre... Read more

Tirocinium: A Plea To Dads

English poet William Cowper (“cooper”) lived a dark life.  His mother died when he was six, after giving birth to his brother.  Little William was then sent away to boarding school and was c... Read more

The Christian Logjam

Thanks to Jason and the rest of the Infocus team for giving me the opportunity to write over the next twelve weeks.  I’m excited about sharing what I have been reading and reflecting on with... Read more

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