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Daniel Kriss

Daniel is pastor at Mount Cathedral Community Baptist Church in Taggerty, Victoria. Daniel has studied theology and has been involved in itinerant preaching since 1999. In 2006, Daniel founded SWAT Camp which helps develop young leaders for Christian ministry. Daniel and his wife Jessica live in Melbourne. You can contact Daniel at


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    Thanks Daniel. Your thoughts are much appreciated. I think our outreach can tend to be confined within formal ministry settings where the opportunity to build relationships with the unsaved is limited.

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    Good post. In busy, ministry focused churches, believers simply do not have enough time to join a club or group in the community. We often send our kids to Christian schools instead of the local public school as well. So our influence in the community is lost, when we ought to be salt and light there.

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    Challenging post Daniel, thank you.

    You wrote: “One of the indicators of genuine conversion is the presence of a desire to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

    – I couldn’t agree more.

    And it certainly seems there are many professing Christians within the churches who couldn’t care less about the salvation of the lost, and who think that evangelism entails holding a meeting in a church and inviting all the Christians that can be mustered up from within the camp hoping they will bring a friend.

    I do wonder how many people there are who truly struggle with evangelism because of their fear of man though, not because they don’t care about the lost.

    Not all personalities are the same and when I consider the gift of evangelism I am left wondering how a gifted person might differ from someone with other gifts, in regards to the great commission.

    Appreciate your thoughts.


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