Thoughts on self promotion and why arrogant people think it’s wrong

“Flowers bloom and mountains tower not to take attention from God, but to display His glory.” Donald Miller. HT: Hans. Read more

Why Independent Baptist mission is failing… and some thoughts on fixing it

Recently, an American pastor, Jeremy Wallace, got a lot of attention when he addressed the topic Why Independent Baptist Missions is Failing. I encourage you to read the whole post. An excer... Read more

My take on “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

One week ago – I had never heard of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I decided to read the book while in transit and I finished it in two sittings. As you’ll probably be hearing a lot mo... Read more


Idolatry is frequently spoken of in the Bible.   Idols of the Old Testament and idols of today (in many non-western nations) are typically statues to which people ascribed great allegiance.... Read more

My approach to reading

I’ve been meaning to get in the habit of reviewing books after I’ve read them. Problem is, I don’t read the sorts of books most people review. So I wanted to explain my app... Read more

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