Q: “What is the message of Christ?” A: “Eternal life, prosperity, hope, self-love, salvation, healing…” Listen to the three-minute interview at Symphony of Scri... Read more

Message from the Prime Minister

If you’re like me, you recently received a packet in the Post introducing the federal government’s new NetAlert project. The Prime Minister is to be commended for his active appr... Read more

“A couple began an online relationship… “fell in love,” and decided to meet, only to find out that they were already married … to each other.” Stuff Out L... Read more

Concerns money is intended to skew the perception of the Griffith Islamic Research Unit. See here. Read more

InFocus in Focus

The hiatus is over. I’m looking forward to getting back in the groove and am excited about what lies ahead. The last several months have given me a chance to think and re-focus and I w... Read more

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