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Joy studied elementary education before going on to teach at the primary school level as well as homeschooling for twenty-six years. Joy has touched the lives of thousands through her ministry in state Religious Education, Sunday Schools, and Holiday Bible Clubs as well as through her speaking at various seminars and retreats. Joy is also a gifted musician and has collaborated on multiple recording projects as well as maintaining a private teaching studio for over thirty years. Joy currently does missions support spreading her time between Uganda, Vanuatu, and her home in Australia. Joy has seven children and twenty grandchildren. You can contact Joy at


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    Lou Ann Keiser

    Again, very good. From this post, it seems like a good idea for a dating couple to find out about the other’s home life. It may help them to deal with feelings and letting God help them BEFORE they get serious and marry. Some of those statistics were very serious. Thank you! I look forward to the next post on this subject.

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      Joy Harris

      Good comment! “Spotting an Abuser Before You Marry One” has a concise list of red flags to look for. Just because someone hates the abusive background they grew up in and vows they will never be like that themselves, the generational cycle can only be broken if they get help to understand the foundational principles behind that destructive behaviour.

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