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Jason loves to communicate God's word both in the local church and at conferences and retreats. Jason has been involved with Worship Music since 1996 and InFocus since 2005. Jason has degrees in theology, music, accounting, and research and is currently a PhD candidate and lecturer in the College of Business, Law, and Governance at James Cook University, Cairns. Jason is also a pastor at CrossPoint Church. You can contact Jason at


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    Psalm 14:1 ..There is no God..

    It’s amazing what we can make scripture teach when we are looking for proof of what we believe already, rather than proving what we believe from what we read. I know I am oftentimes guilty of this.

    Very sobering thought, Jason. Thanks.

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    Jason Harris

    Wow, that’s a good example. Unfortunately, I suspect we’ve both seen it does nearly this blatantly at times.

    Thanks for the comment Alen.

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    I saw a sign the other day that read something along these lines: “Jesus condoned homosexuals – Matthew 8: 5-13”. It’s the story of the Centurion and his servant and doesn’t condone gays at all, but most people would probably just see the Bible verses and agree without ever reading the passage for themselves.
    Put a Bible verse on something and most people will probably just take it as fact – at least to the point where they will believe the Bible agrees with whatever subject is on topic even if they don’t agree personally.

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    Jason Harris

    Wow. That’s pretty far out.

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